FAQ About COVID-19 And The New Vaccine That’s Available

A bottle of COVID Vaccine and a Needle

The COVID Pandemic has brought a lot of changes to our world and has been a struggle for everyone. Those who experienced personal loss at the hands of this disease obviously were hit the hardest, but none of us were left unchanged. We’ve all been touched, and our view of the world altered as a result. With the completion of the vaccine, there is some hope that we will eventually be able to return to a world somewhat like the one that existed before the pandemic. The arrival of the vaccine has also resulted in a lot of questions and uncertainty about it. We’ll address some of those below.

Frequently Posed Questions About The COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Where Do I Get A Vaccine? There are an increasing number of places you can find information about getting a vaccine. The most reliable is Your local pharmacy and state health department will also have a list of locations.
  • When Will I Be Able To Get The Vaccine? Current availability is limited to those identified as high-risk, with the elderly being prioritized. As more vaccine becomes available, more people will be able to get access. Stay in touch with your local information sources for the announcement of when you’ll be able to get access.
  • Can I Safely Get The Vaccine If I’m Pregnant? Current evidence suggests there’s no risk to your infant if you choose to get vaccinated, but many women are choosing to wait. Your best source of information on this is your healthcare provided. 
  • How Long Will I Be Protected With The Vaccine? Due to the rushed nature of the vaccine, it’s difficult to know how long those vaccinated will be protected from COVID. What is known is that it does provide meaningful immunity from the disease, and additional information will be made increasingly available as more is learned.
  • Should I Get The Vaccine if I’ve Recovered From COVID? Absolutely. Everyone should get vaccinated to ensure they are protected from becoming infected again. While those who have already had COVID do have significant immunity from the disease, getting vaccinated just helps guarantee their safety.
  • Does The Vaccine Cost? For the time being, those providing COVID-19 vaccines are not allowed to charge for them, with the cost being fully carried by the Federal Government. In addition, no fees of any kind can be attached, including office visit fees. You also may not be denied access to the vaccine.

Ready To Get Protected From COVID-19?

With your concerns set at ease, it’s time to take steps to get protected. In order for us to get life back to something resembling normal, it’s essential that as many people as possible get vaccinated. Reach out to your medical care provider today to find out if vaccination is available for you and to schedule an appointment when it becomes available. Together we can take the steps necessary to get back to an open world free of social restrictions.


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