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Pre-employment, Preplacement, Annual Physical Exam, Fit for Duty and Return to Work Physical Exams

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Pre-employment or Preplacement: Are you hiring new employees? Do you know if the employee has any limitations to prevent the task for the job? Please send us the job description and your employees for a medical evaluation. Your mind will be at ease when you hire a medically fit person for the job.

Annual physical exam: Are your employees at any health risk due to the nature of the job? Does OSHA recommend annual or frequent physical exams?

 We have all the tools for the health assessment of your employees, such as labs, X-rays, pulmonary function tests, EKG, hearing and vision tests, and many more.

Are you sure that your employee is fit for the Duty? Fit for Duty consists of an exam in which an employee’s physical and psychological state is tested to evaluate how the employee can safely perform assigned tasks.

Send us the job description, authorization, and your candidate. Our experts determine and select the tests that assess your future employee for the job.

Return to work physical exams: Has your employee recovered after an injury, surgery or illness and now seems ready to go back to work?  Send us the job description, authorization, and employees. Our experts will determine and select the tests that assess your employee if she/he is medically ready after recovery to return safely to work.