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Workers Compensation

If you are suffering from an injury, illness, or disease at work, ask your employer to refer you to our clinic for evaluation. Our occupational medicine board-certified physician can help you with all your needs.

At the Up Clinics, you will be cared for by the best and most experienced physicians in the field. Unlike many other clinics in California, where patients are often visited by mid-level providers like physician assistants or nurse practitioners, in our clinic you will be evaluated and treated by board-certified physicians. It might me surprising to know that many doctors practicing in workers’ compensation or occupational health clinics are not trained in this field and are not actually occupational medicine physicians. At Up clinics, you will be visited ONLY by a board-certified occupational medicine physician with many years of experience in this field. If you need to be treated by other specialists due to the nature of your injury, you will be visited only by physicians in the worker’s compensation network, who are familiar with your work injuries.