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In 1796 the first vaccine was introduced in the form of material from cowpox being used to inoculate people against smallpox. The discovery that milkmaids appeared to be, by and large, immune to the disease led to the discovery that those infected with cowpox, a relatively harmless disease, were immune to smallpox. Since this point, the science behind vaccines has advanced immeasurably, with some of the world’s deadliest diseases being brought nearly to extinction through their use. Up Clinics provides vaccination services to our local community to ensure ongoing protection against many potentially deadly diseases.

Some evidence suggests that China was using rudimentary vaccination techniques thousands of years ago

The Importance Of Vaccination

In addition to providing vaccination services, we also provide you with help keeping track of your vaccination records. Within our system, we’ll make sure to keep track of all the shots you and your family have gotten and notify you when it’s time for the next vaccination. We can even determine what vaccinations you’ve received by measuring the antibodies in your blood in the event you have no records of your vaccinations. If you’re missing any, we can quickly get you up to date in-house.

Some of the most common use of vaccines are:

Staying up to date with your vaccines does more than ensuring the protection of your loved ones. It also helps to guarantee that everyone is safe from these diseases, even those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. By rendering ourselves immune to the disease, we ensure that we aren’t able to transmit it to those who are otherwise vulnerable.

Getting vaccinated is the singularly most important thing you can do for your growing family’s health. Unfortunately, there is a campaign of misinformation that began with fraudulently produced “results” from a “study” that purported that vaccines were harmful. The results of this study were purely fabricated, leading to a dangerous growth of anti-vaccination propaganda and adherents who are putting others at risk.

The evidence clearly shows there is no link between autism and vaccines

A Guide To Proper Vaccination Schedules

One of the services we provide at our clinic is helping patients who may have an incomplete vaccination record get up to date.  In addition to this service, we also help maintain all current and ongoing vaccinations against conditions such as the flu, COVID, HPV, and a number of others.  If you’re interested in more information about adult vaccinations and how we can help protect you and your family against avoidable diseases, reach out to us today.  We’ll schedule a consultation and ensure you’re up to date and prepared for the future.