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Hearing Test and Vision Tests

Hearing Test and Vision Tests

At Up Clinics, our physicians can provide hearing and vision tests to get accurate measurements and meet OSHA testing requirements according to your State of California, and OSHA. Work in an environment where the noise levels exceed the occupational exposure limit or require a vision test for the safe performance of job duties. Our physicians can provide these tests and make getting into or back into employment easy.

Our Vision Examinations

Our health care providers complete your vision examinations, and during your examinations, we offer to test for these various factors and conditions:

  • Vision Acuity: Depending on your employer’s requirements for visual acuity, our vision acuity tests will test for clarity and sharpness of your vision by using charts with symbols, projections and will calculate your test results.
  • Color Blindness: Using the Ishihara color test, we will perform this test to measure your ability to tell the difference among colors and determine whether you have poor color vision or are color blind based on the results.
  • Ocular Motility: By examining the muscles in your eye and the movement of those muscles, our physicians can determine how your muscles function and how those muscles impact your vision test.
  • Cover Test: For measuring ocular misalignment and heterotopia, the single eye cover test can measure the suspension of the eye.
  • Retinoscopy: To determine the refractive measurement of light, a refraction test can be performed to measure the shape and condition of the lens and help determine conditions such as astigmatism and macular degeneration.
  • Depth Perception: Depth perception tests can determine how well the eyes see in three-dimensions, detecting signs of nerve problems, blurry vision, and poor muscle control.
  • Slit Lamp Examination: Using a microscope, we can detect eye diseases within the retina using dilation drops.
  • Vision Field: Your vision field test will measure your peripheral vision, or side vision, to determine the existence of glaucoma and other blind spots not previously detected.

Hearing Conservation & Testing

Our physicians can also provide hearing tests, such as audiometers. These results will then be recorded to document the changes and compile a record for your employer. If results are abnormal, our physicians may require more tests and procedures to provide follow-up care for your hearing.

Receiving Your Examinations at Up Clinics

At Up Clinics, we work extensively with employers and employers to make worker’s compensation smoother and help employees attain the records they need to retain employment. To get these examinations, please contact us to confirm the tests required for your employment forms. Our clinic will happily perform these exams to complete your application, send the information off to your employer, and send authorizations for the approval process. Our occupational health services aim to help employees everywhere have an easier time working within their legislation and receive comprehensive care.