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Personal Injury Care From The Team at Up Clinics

Every year thousands of people experience injuries that qualify as a ‘personal injury.’ This term refers to injuries that are the result of circumstances outside of your control. These can include falls, assault, MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents), fractures, wounds, and defects in products. When you experience an injury that falls in this category, you need the assistance of a medical facility that understands the nuances of your treatment and is ready to cooperate in your case. Up Clinics are here to be your personal injury care provider.

Personal injuries can include everything from a slip on ice to injury from an accident

Treatment Options Available For Personal Injury Cases

We provide a range of medical treatments as part of our mission to provide effective care for those who are going through a personal injury case. These services include:

Receiving the necessary treatment under one roof ensures that your medical records will be easily accessible and that your care will be coordinated by one team. This makes connecting your attorney or insurance with the documents necessary to support your case easier while being on your way to a rapid recovery.

Nearly 400,000 personal injury claims are filed each year, with 17,000 going to trial

Cooperation With Your Attorney And Insurance

Another service we provide to our patients is information on the steps involved in submitting a personal injury claim to your insurance company. We also coordinate with attorneys in the area and can connect you with representation that we know will provide the support you need in your case. If you’re going to file an automotive claim or are working with a licensed attorney, be sure to let our front desk know before your appointment. This will make it easier for our team to start collecting the necessary documentation to support your case. The primary steps in filing a personal injury claim with your insurance company typically involve:

  • Contacting the police or filing an accident report with the DMV
  • Collecting all the relevant details of the incident, such as an accident
  • Immediately reaching out to your insurance company and that of the other party when possible
  • Additional steps and a claim number will be provided to you at this stage of the process

Using an attorney is important in ensuring your case is handled properly, so be sure to:

  • Get the details of your incident together, such as a police report
  • Immediately contact an attorney ASAP after the incident
  • Obtain a Letter of Protection and your attorney’s contact information before you arrive.

With these steps followed, you’ll be ready to schedule an appointment at our clinic in confidence.

Once you’re ready to begin your care for a personal injury case, it’s time to call our offices. We’ll let you know what documents need to be filled out and schedule an appointment to begin the next steps of your care. When you arrive at our office, you’ll need your identification and insurance card, if any, in hand. It’s also useful to have the information for us to contact your attorney on hand. If you don’t have an attorney, we can connect you with some local resources. Don’t leave your personal injury care to chance; call our offices today!