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Trauma, Contusion, and Fractures

Trauma Contusion and Fracture

Has your employee had accidents, falls, hits, and other injuries caused by trauma?

Physical trauma is a damage to the body caused by an external force. Trauma may be caused by accidents, falls, hits, weapons, and other incidents. Major trauma is an injury that has the potential to cause prolonged disability or death. In 2013, 4.8 million people worldwide died from injuries.

  1. Assess the employee. If there is severe head trauma or your employee is not oriented (appears confused) call 911
  2. If your employee is stable, secure the body part, and prevent movement if there is a concern for fracture.
  3. Send the employee to our clinic
  4. Send the authorization by email, fax, or with the employee

Our facility is equipped with a state of the arts X-ray machine. If there are any fractures, we will splint or cast and manage the patient for the fastest recovery possible.