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Lab Tests, Blood Tests, and Urine Tests

Lab, Blood, and Urine Tests

Up Clinics specializes in helping employees, employers, and patients receive the quality of care they need. As an employer, it is common to require periodic lab tests or blood and urine tests to help employees adhere to safety protocols. We offer an extensive array of rapid laboratory testing, blood sample testing, and urine testing to keep both employers and employees safe in the workplace. Our clinic works with local and national laboratories that offer a full range of services and bring prompt turnaround times for our clinic. For a valuable experience with quick results, Up Clinics can provide the results you need promptly.

What We Perform At Our Clinic

Our testing capabilities place us at the highest priority for employers due to the extensive amount of resources we have to analyze results. When you contact us to schedule an appointment, we work swiftly to perform all the labs you need, collect samples of specimens, and send them to our associated laboratories for more efficient feedback. Whether performed as a periodic check, needed for testing an employee’s blood alcohol content, or results regarding safety and health regulation set by your province, we can offer you rapid answers to your concerns.

Laboratory Testing:

Our laboratory services can be performed for various needs. Our available laboratory technicians work within various fields such as medicine, electronics, biology, and chemistry to collect samples and help determine the qualities of each sample by performing hazard checks based on its properties and material handling instructions. When collecting samples for patients and employers, our laboratory testing can include a variety of options, such as:

  • Lipid Panel Testing
  • Estimated Average Glucose Testing
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Screenings
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen Screenings
  • Hemoglobin A1c Testing
  • Thyroid-stimulating Hormone Screenings
  • and More!

Blood Testing:

Performing a blood analysis, whether performed for a drug and alcohol screening or performed as part of a regular physical exam, allow us to provide you with rapid results regarding the employee’s risks associated with their health. These blood screenings can also be performed for health and wellness data management, act as a precursor for the patient’s preventative treatment, and provide biological monitoring for exposure to hazardous substances at the workplace. Through these blood tests, our physicians will measure:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood’s Clotting Component (Fibrinogen)
  • Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • Blood sugar (glucose) level
  • Blood calcium levels

Urine Testing:

By checking the different components of the employee’s urine, urine tests can help diagnose conditions related to the employee’s health, including kidney disease, and other metabolic diseases. These urine tests can be performed as part of a drug and alcohol screening, performed as an annual checkup, and provide the rapid results you need for your assessment. When performing urine screenings, we measure:

  • Urine’s Acidity (pH)
  • Urine Concentration
  • Proteins
  • Sugar Levels
  • Ketones
  • Drug Composition
  • Evidence of Urine Infection

For more information about scheduling appointments for your employees, please contact us for more information about our employer portals, availability for on-site testing, and other medical needs for your organization.