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Physical Ability (PAT) Lifting Test

Physical Ability (PAT) Lifting Test

If you have physically demanding employment, our clinic can perform a physical ability test and help your employer administer and determine eligibility. For everyday physical tasks that require consistent pushing, lifting, repetition, and other ranges of motion, our clinic can provide a complete assessment of readiness to work. Whether recovering from post-work injuries or applying for a new position, these tests can be performed to meet your employer’s qualifications and meet health and safety regulations for your province or territory.

Types of PAT Tests Performed at Our Clinic

Our PAT assessments consist of a series of tasks that aim to replicate the physical demands of your workplace as accurately as possible. Based on the requirements of your workplace and the physical demands placed on your employees, each PAT is completely customized to meet the standards of your organization and help determine their fitness for duty. Overall, the types of motions we test include:

  • Muscular Tension Tests: Muscle tension tests will test the normal muscle performance of the patient’s range of motion, active resistance, and endpoint range against maximum resistance. Our office exercises to test muscular tension include pushing objects, pulling objects, and lifting objects. Throughout these tests, areas of the body most used, including the back, legs, and arms, will be assessed.
  • Muscular Power Tests: Our muscle power tests will measure the resistance of those muscles towards outside forces and will be used to measure the endurance of core muscles used for the various activities required for your work environment.
  • Muscular Survival Tests: For testing muscle repetition using power tools and other equipment under safety guidelines, these tests will measure the patient’s ability to incorporate repetition of tasks over long periods and measure the patient’s overall capacity to perform these tasks according to their muscle strength, endurance, and resistance.
  • Cardiovascular Stamina Tests: In work environments that require high amounts of cardio activity, cardiovascular stamina tests can be performed to measure lung capacity, aerobic endurance, heart rate, blood pressure, and stability during high cardio activities.
  • Flexibility Tests: For basic tasks that involve reaching, stretching, and twisting through various motions, flexibility tests can be performed to measure posture, muscle core strength, tendon flexibility, and joint structure.
  • Balance Tests: In positions that require immense amounts of focus and balance, our balance tests can measure the stability of the employee’s overall body position, leg disparity, and overall posture through various activities.

What You’ll Receive at Up Clinics

Our physical abilities tests evaluate body mechanics through various degrees and require the employer’s requirements to begin testing for the employee. To schedule an appointment, please contact Up Clinics to request an appointment and send our office any forms required to assist in completing the assessment. Once the tests are complete, our office will send back the authorization and other relevant information to assist in your employment procedures. We can happily perform these physical exams for all manual labor careers and jobs requiring extensive physical skill and perform these tests for you in no time.