Four Tips For Effective Autumn Preparedness

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As the last month of summer has ended, fall has since broken through, bringing out some unique demands on our bodies that can be hazardous to our health. Autumn signals the oncoming winter season with colder weather both indoors and out. Due to the colder temperatures, it means that safeguarding your health should be a priority. This means you should prepare for the fall season and the months ahead by taking care of your health. With proper precautions in place, you and your family can enjoy the autumn weather and avoid some of the dangers that come with the fall season.

Why Care About Your Health This Fall?

Fall doesn’t just bring out colder weather – it also brings about new routines, new demands from work, and the beginning of school time for children. As we begin to shift gears towards this coming autumn, it also marks the deer breeding season, the development of sleet on roads, and for some more time outdoors exercising. Fall-related injuries during this time increase, especially in colder climates such as the Northwest and northeast coast throughout the US.

Studies looking into the rate of fall-related injuries found that in northern geographic areas, falling is accountable for the largest share of injury-related deaths and hospitalizations among older adults. Nonfatal accidental outdoor injuries that occur also occur during the colder seasons more often than warmer seasons, and its often due to a number of factors, including:

  • Low Air Temperatures:
  • Medium/High Precipitation
  • Ground Surfaces Covered in Wet Snow/Sleet

With these statistics in mind, paying attention to your surroundings during the fall season is essential to be safe this fall. Even among the various outdoor hazards, the colder weather also brings out the risk of the flu season, where viruses have an easier time spreading due to the impact fall has on our immune systems.

Our Tips For Autumn Preparedness

Nevertheless, we have some handy tips you can follow to help keep yourself safe during the colder season, including:

  • Home Maintenance: Making sure your home is properly prepared will allow you to keep your home safe. Checking your carbon monoxide detectors, changing smoke alarm batteries, and checking on your home fireplace will help keep your home safe from fire hazards.
  • Fall Cleaning: Cleaning up your home, including cleaning windows, gutters, walls, furniture, and carpets, can help declutter and remove any developing mold or bacteria growth.
  • Staying Alert: Whether driving along the road or taking a quick jog, keeping an eye on the weather will especially be important. Wear protective clothing, avoid lifting heavy objects, and driving safely on the road will help keep you safe.
  • Flu Season Preparedness: Getting your flu shot will help protect you from the flu virus and keep others from spreading it.

For more information about protecting yourself during the fall season, contacting your primary doctor or urgent care doctor can help you be more prepared for the fall and winter seasons to come.


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