Get A Jump On Your Healthy 30’s By Starting Now!

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When we’re storming through our youth, we don’t often cast a thought to our future health. We’re vibrant, indestructible, and in our prime, after all! When our 20’s hit, some of us start turning an eye to the future of our health and wonder what we can do to improve our longevity and quality of life. This can be a challenge when we combine it with the rigors of higher education, dealing with entry-level jobs, and keeping an eye on the future of our careers and families. All this aside, the most important thing we can do as we enter our 20’s is start taking care of our health.

Starting in Our 20’s Gives Us The Best Chance Of A Long Healthy Future

If you’ve already turned your mind to the health of your body and how to make the most of the years ahead, congratulations. Establishing a habit of taking care of your physical health is going to keep you ahead of the pack as the years roll on. Youthful resilience and vitality are great, but it’s a finite resource that we can burn through if we aren’t looking to our health. That’s why it’s essential that you begin establishing healthy routines in your 20’s.

  • Physical Exercise – Staying active is essential to keeping your body in working order, keeping your weight down, and fostering a healthy immune system. Taking a few hours every week (Or just 30 minutes a day) to exercise and get your heart rate going will go a long way towards preserving your good health.
  • Healthy Eating – We know this is the last thing anyone at any age wants to hear, but paying attention to your diet is the best companion to that physical exercise mentioned above. Proper nutrition and keeping down fats, carbs, and sugars ensure that your heart and other organs will stay in great health.
  • Proper Hydration – Our bodies are comprised of nearly 75% water, so it’s no surprise that staying hydrated is essential to staying healthy. We know that coffee is captivating, tea tantalizing, and soda scintillating, but give yourself a few drinks of wonderful water each day! Your skin and other organs will thank you.

Complete these healthy habits by doing your best to stay out of the sun when not wearing sunscreen and getting enough sleep each night. These simple habits will do wonderful things for your health over time.

Consider Personal Trainers and Getting Your Physicians Advice

Taking care of yourself is best done with the assistance of a physician, and adding a personal trainer to the mix at your gym isn’t going to hurt either. These health professionals are often included, at least on an occasional basis, with a gym membership. If you have a gym membership and use it regularly, check in to see whether they offer this service. It’s not essential to have a personal trainer with every workout; you can see one once a month or so to keep you on track. Make sure you’re regularly visiting your physician as well; their advice will help tie it all together.


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