Health Topics You Should Ask Your Doctor At Your Next Visit

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Our bodies are a fantastic and complicated system of muscle, tissue, tendons, and bone that, in many cases, can produce uncomfortable side effects. Most often, when in the presence of friends, people are hesitant to talk about the various issues that may be going on with their bodies. Having health problems shouldn’t be stigmatized as something to hide, and for medical doctors, it’s important to talk about these issues so you can personally live a better life and have better health overall. When speaking with your primary or urgent care doctor, there is no reason to be bashful or embarrassed.

Why People Struggle With Their Doctors

Communication between physician and patient is a personal one. Having an excellent relationship with your doctor means you can talk about sensitive subjects and not feel ashamed to express them. However, most often, patients aren’t comfortable talking about these subjects, even when those subjects are affecting their lives every day. But for doctors, understanding how memory, sex, incontinence, and other body problems affect their patients is a crucial part of providing health care.

When it comes to embarrassment, medical doctors are all too familiar with the concept. Understanding how privacy, trust, and the implications of emotions attached to healthcare is an ever-explored concept that many researchers attempt to document. In many ways, our current methods for handling embarrassment have to understand many of the complex ways that social interactions with physicians are done. Right now, what we know is that there aren’t clear guidelines for how medical professionals approach privacy and embarrassing topics, which often leads to these issues being more interpersonal rather than systematic in nature.

When It’s Time To Speak To Your Physician

This is why physicians highly emphasize the importance of reaching out about your health, especially for topics such as:

  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Bowel/Urinary Problems
  • Sweat and Perspiration
  • Memory Problems

While these topics may be sensitive and even uncomfortable to talk about, speaking about them to your doctor is the best way to receive treatment. Asking questions and answering even the embarrassing ones can ultimately allow your physician to provide you with better treatment. Being aware of drug use, certain memory problems and excessive sweating can even help your doctor pay attention to your health long-term and properly diagnose problems along the way.

The more you speak with your doctor, the better experience you will have overall with your health care and the better treatments you can receive. Always seek out an accurate diagnosis from your medical doctors if you are experiencing any problems, and know that these problems are quite normal and should be treated if they’re impacting your life. If you need any urgent attention due to a medical issue, then the most assured place you can receive care is at your local urgent care facility.


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