How to Determine If An X-Ray Is Necessary

X-Ray Of Chest

What does the average urgent care patient look like? These are often patients that require services that cannot be found at a primary care office and aren’t severe enough to receive treatment at the emergency room. Urgent care facilities often provide walk-in healthcare services to meet the demands of their patients. For those worried about a sprained ankle to those experiencing high blood pressure problems, urgent care facilities have to provide a broad range of services to diagnose and treat quickly. However, not all facilities are created equal – urgent care centers need radiology services to aid in examinations and help patients treat various injuries that don’t need primary or emergency treatment.

The Costs, Injuries, and Demand for X-Rays

Urgent care has developed over the past decade with a broad range of services to meet high demand. Among those services, x-rays have become a priority among urgent care facilities to assist in diagnosing injuries and illnesses quickly. During these moments, it’s important to look at how these services will help patients save time, money and help them receive the appropriate treatment.

Urgent care costs vary according to location. Overall, the costs of having an x-ray performed at an urgent care facility costs significantly less than a visit to an ER, and that discounting what your insurance and employee benefits provide. Overall, the cost of visiting an urgent care facility is added to the base cost of co-payments and depending on the ailment treated; urgent care facilities can provide x-rays for various conditions, including:

  • Fractures: Fractures often occur due to various accidents, and sustaining these injuries can cause significant pain and inflammation throughout the affected area. If the emergency room appears to be excessive, then an urgent care visit can help diagnose and heal the fracture.
  • Healing Bone Issues: For fractures with difficulty healing, urgent care facilities can perform x-rays to observe the problem in closer detail and help recommend patients to a specialist for further treatment.
  • Pneumonia or Bronchitis: If faced with breathing issues and symptoms such as thickened mucus, inflammation, and coughing, then your physician will need to perform an x-ray to diagnose the condition and prescribe medication.
  • Kidney Stones: When hard deposits of minerals and acids prevent you from urinating properly, x-rays are needed to diagnose kidney stones and prevent permanent damage to the urinary tract.
  • Foreign Object Ingestion: If children or adults accidentally ingest an object, we can provide immediate x-rays to help you with your situation.
  • Medical Device Misplacement: If a surgically placed medical device defects, then an x-ray can tell us how to handle the situation.

Because of the swiftness in service, urgent care facilities are in high demand for their affordability and treatment for a range of conditions.

How To Prepare For Your X-Ray Appointment

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