How To Know If A Cut Is Going To Require Stitches

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Sustaining an injury can be strenuous, especially if the cut is intense and won’t necessarily heal independently. Whether you sustained the injury from your workplace or just had a nasty fall, deciding where to go for treatment can be a risky business. Most often, patients experiencing these deep cuts and nasty lacerations don’t often know at the moment whether or not to visit the ER or urgent care for these kinds of wounds. We’re here to tell you that, yes, urgent care centers can provide stitches for these wounds and help guide you on how to help them heal.

What To Look For If The Wound Requires Stitches

Unless the cut is clearly superficial, going without medical care can result in infection, permanent injury, and scarring if not treated. A cut can be serious if the wound doesn’t begin healing within 6 to 12 hours of the injury, and your cut may need stitches if the laceration is:

  • Deep, Long, and Gaping: If the wound is longer than half an inch and you can see muscle, tissue, and even bone, then stitches are needed.
  • Won’t Close With Direct Pressure: If the laceration isn’t able to close with direct pressure and remains open for more than a few hours, then it’s important to see treatment.
  • Located Along the Scalp, Face, and Genitals: Any of these areas are vital because they’re often supported by layers of skin that are sensitive to scarring and infection.
  • Occurred Due to Bites/Foreign Objects: Any bites or impact with foreign objects have a higher risk of infection and scarring.
  • Area Feels Numb To Touch: If the area, despite the cut’s deepness, feels numb to the touch, then it’s important to seek medical treatment and stitches.
  • Located Over a Joint: Any cuts and lacerations that occur over a vital joint can risk serious infection and permanent injury to the tendons.

These lacerations can affect the nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, and muscles and have the potential to worsen over time. It’s essential to look for these signs to be able to determine whether or not treatment is necessary. However, urgent care centers have shorter waiting times and are more affordable, and most often, urgent care centers are staffed with skilled medical teams ready to handle your deepest cuts.

Visit Urgent Care For Deep Wounds and Cuts

If your deep cut needs medical attention but isn’t life-threatening, urgent care centers like ours at UP Clinics can treat and clean these types of wounds. If you’ve sustained these injuries from the workplace, we can provide you with excellent care and resources to communicate with your employer and help you recover. Wounds left untreated can cause serious issues, as infected wounds can cause blood poisoning. If your wound is deep and potentially life-threatening, it’s essential to go to the ER or call 911 for immediate treatment.

For more information about treatments for serious but non-life-threatening conditions and other resources for urgent care, arrange an appointment with your local urgent care facility today!


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