Important Things To Know About Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services Importance

Telehealth has been a growing part of our medical care for nearly a century, taking advantage of the introduction of new medical and communication technologies. In our modern world, with its prevalence of hand-held devices, instant messaging, email, and live audio/video feeds, telehealth options are more available than ever. The appearance of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic just added fuel to the fire that was driving the availability of telehealth services everywhere. In spite of this, there are many patients who are dubious about the effectiveness of telehealth services or are hesitant to use them.

Things You May Not Know About Telehealth

A lack of understanding about telehealth services comes together with misconceptions to create confusion and misgivings about taking advantage of it.

  • Patients and Providers Both Benefit – Everyone benefits when telehealth services are provided. Patients get the convenience of being able to schedule their appointments for times that suit them without concerns about getting to the office. There’s no concern over running late because of a traffic jam or having to leave your home when you already don’t feel well. Your doctor gains the ability to see more patients each day for a variety of reasons, including not having to sanitize the rooms between each patient.
  • Telehealth Options Are Broad – As technology advances, we begin to see more ways telehealth services get used. While it used to be limited to simple phone consultations, it’s now possible to make a diagnosis, make follow-ups easier, and encourages patients to reach out to their physician when needed.
  • Patients of All Ages Can Benefit – It used to be thought that telehealth was only a viable option for seniors, but that’s no longer the case. Every patient, whatever their age, can benefit from not having to make their way to their physician’s office for care. Most health concerns can be addressed with a simple phone call or through video conferencing. This means less travel for the patient, and less traffic for the doctor’s office, curbing the spread of infection.
  • Patients Prefer Telehealth – Studies have shown that those who receive telehealth services are more satisfied with the treatment they receive than those who regularly go into the office. The most cited reason is being able to see their physician without having to visit the office.

These points represent some of the strongest points supporting the growth of telehealth services. The introduction of newer technologies also serves to add additional treatment options for telehealth patients. The day may come when in-office visits were a thing of the past.

Telehealth Services Could Change The Way You Get Care

Telehealth services are becoming available from an increasing number of providers, and it soon may become the standard method of care for the majority of treatments. If you’re interested in learning more about the telehealth services available from our office, give us a call today! You’ll discover how our team is dedicated to serving you with safer and more convenient and treatment options. We look forward to hearing from you!


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