Why Lab Testing at An Urgent Care Facility is Important

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Today, for many urgent care centers, they’ve become the primary source for lab testing and offer a great alternative to hospital visits and primary care centers. Urgent care centers can work with the demands of your ever-growing industries and provide you with the tests you need in a more affordable time frame. Many choose to have their blood work and lab tests at urgent care centers for their convenience and efficiency, and for employees needing updated lab tests, urgent care centers provide them with the tools they need for clearance. But how can urgent clinics provide better services? Here’s how clinics like ours help employers:

Why Choose An Urgent Care Facility For Lab Tests?

Many commercial laboratories have been performing widespread testing to reopen businesses in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this surge of protocols being set in place, many laboratories have begun the struggle with keeping up with the demand that many small practices and large corporations have set in place. For areas experiencing difficulties with supply shortages, higher degrees of illness, and struggles maintaining employer capacity, this could result in some serious issues down the road with return-to-work programs and rebuilding the economy.

Even as the pandemic rolls down due to the development and distribution of the vaccines, many employers will still need laboratory services to help control the current pandemic and allow their employees to arrive and work safely without the risk of spread. Beyond the virus, other mandatory testing is still needed to provide safe, drug-free environments, especially for workers that work with hazardous materials and mechanical guidelines. That’s where clinics like ours come in.

Urgent care facilities aim to provide safe, responsible testing that helps employers maintain their employee’s health and help them perform their jobs safely and effectively. From immediate concerns to randomized testing sessions, many facilities can provide laboratory services to help:

  • Identify Health Conditions: Employees that work within unhealthy conditions and are constantly exposed to contaminants and hazardous equipment often need a closer eye on their health to identify symptoms associated with various diseases. Lab testing done at an urgent care facility can help perform these tests quickly and timely.
  • Prevent Future Illnesses: Just like with diagnosing health conditions, preventative care is just as important for employees. Our lab testings can provide you with the information needed to prevent future illnesses for physical exams and regular checkups.
  • Avoid Emergency Room Visits: If your employees experience symptoms, then urgent care facilities can provide you with fast, affordable care that avoids hospital trips and fees.

Lab Testing Options For Employers

Whether you’re taking part in an employee monitoring program or plan to do randomized testing, our laboratory equipment will be able to provide you with blood tests, urine samples, drug tests, and post-accident testing and meet your confidentiality needs. For more information about employer benefits when choosing an urgent care facility, arrange an appointment today.


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