Why You Should Visit An Urgent Clinic For Workplace Injuries

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With summer, there is an increased risk of fire hazards, outdoor heat, and increased construction that expose workers to various injuries. Working in humid and hot temperatures and spending hours in the sun can increase workplace injuries and illnesses. For those who spend their time working outside, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most injuries occur during the summer than at any other season of the year, and also reports that the most common workplace injuries that occur are sprains, strains, and tears at 40%, scrapes and abrasions at 11%, and open wounds such as incisions and punctures at 10%.

If you’re an employer that needs to file a worker’s compensation claim for employee injuries, filing these claims can be challenging and time-consuming. Using urgent care can help you and your employee better navigates compensation claims and provide the best patient care possible.

Visiting an Urgent Care For Worker’s Compensation

Many workplaces will seek out a health provider to help navigate compensation claims, and while this process appears straightforward, many medical providers use different structures and operations when approaching these compensations, often leading to a loss of revenue that’s more substantially large than expected. However, using an urgent care center can allow you to protect those assets while also providing your employees the care they need.

Through honest diagnosis and assessment, urgent care centers approved by the state can offer both the state and employer to reduce spending. Many medical providers often struggle to work under the restrictions of worker’s compensation claims, often deterring physicians from practicing occupational medicine for these cases. However, urgent centers that specialize in worker’s compensation have become an essential asset to workplaces. Even with the high costs that some states created due to the restrictions and legislation surrounding these claims, urgent care centers today have even more value than ever before.

How can An Urgent Care Center Help You?

When it comes to worker’s compensation claims, the best place to go is to your local urgent care center. Your urgent care center can provide you with numerous benefits when injuries happen during the summer and offer these benefits:

  • Urgent care centers that work with employers offer a balance between patient care and employer expectations.
  • Many urgent care centers also offer return-to-work plans to help your employees heal from their injuries and help your employees get back to work as soon as possible.
  • These facilities also provide referrals to specialists, partnering with numerous medical professionals throughout the local area to assess injuries and provide continued care.
  • Urgent care centers work fast to provide comprehensive and timely reporting, advising you through consultations to help lower healthcare costs and meet the needs of your employees.

Both parties matter when worker’s compensation is involved, and to help reduce costs on both ends, visiting an urgent care center will be able to help both you and your employees out in the long run.


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