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Radiology (X-Ray)

Doctor explaining x-ray to the patient

Do you need any X-Rays for your employees?

We have a state of the arts X-Ray machine at the clinic and are able to perform all X-ray needs for your employees. The most common examples of the X-rays;

  • Post injuries and accidents X-rays to identify fractures or dislocations of any part of the skeleton.
  • Chest X-ray for pre-employment (TB) and annual evaluation for hazardous respiratory exposures 
  • Lumbar X-rays for pre-employment of very physical job positions such as firefighters, police officers, and some warehouse workers

You just need to:

  1. Choose the X-rays you need from the list
  2. Send the employee
  3. Send the authorization

The report by radiologist usually available 1-2 business days