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Suboxone Clinic

Our clinic creates specialized services regarding your medication-assisted treatment. To those who have a dependency or addiction to substances such as opioids, alcohol, and nicotine, the reliance depends on the factors surrounding these issues. Our clinic works to help assess the risks of our patients, their medical issues and begin treatment by assessing these factors:

  • Physical Dependency: A physical dependency relies heavily on external sources to prevent withdrawal. As tolerance for the substance increases, so does the reliance on the source, creating a dependency. Endorphins produced after ingesting or absorbing the substance become harder to produce to prevent withdrawal symptoms and often result in addiction but don’t have to occur to begin an addiction.
  • Addiction: Addictions are classified as a disease, manifesting as uncontrollable cravings, destructive behaviors, and inability to control use. Addictions alter the brain’s biology, feeding the chemical signals and neurotransmitters and creating small bursts of euphoria and pleasure. The brain’s reward system reinforces this drug use, and long-term use of drug use impairs brain functioning. Opioid dependence, alcoholism, and substance use disorders are all classified under addictions and need multiple treatments to replace the addictive behaviors with healthier alternatives.

How Suboxone Treatment Can Help

Suboxone treats narcotic (opiate) addictions that suppress withdrawal symptoms, reduces opioid use, and decrease cravings for opioids. Suboxone is a depressant, slowing down the neurotransmitters in their chemical signals to reduce withdrawal symptoms, resulting in pain relief, calmness, reduced stress levels, and an overall more relaxed state. It satisfies the receptors known to cause addiction and curbs cravings. As part of our comprehensive recovery plan, Suboxone can be administered to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during our various stages of treatment and thus offer patients a long-term solution for managing opioid addiction.

Important Notes:

  • Always follow your doctor’s advice about the dose and how to take Suboxone. Suboxone is also known to cause addictions due to the nature of the drug and its feeding to the brain receptors
  • Never inject Suboxone, which can cause death
  • Don’t use any opioids or any other drugs and new prescription medications without consulting your docto
  • Call 911 or inform your family to call 911 if you are not stable, faint, very sleepy, no normal breathing, very dizzy, or your pupils are very pinpointed
  • Never take Suboxone with benzodiazepines, tranquilizers, or sedatives, which could cause death in some individuals.

Receiving Treatment at Our Suboxone Clinic

To receive the best treatment at our clinic, our patients will follow this process to begin treatment and start recovery:

  • You will have an evaluation visit with our physicians to make sure you have no severe medical issues, have a risk assessment, and ready to start the treatment
  • You may have your induction on the same visit. Our physicians will provide you with your first treatment and observe you for some time in the clinic
  • The dose adjustment period is when our physicians will adjust the dose of Suboxone according to your symptoms. Visiting with our clinic each week may occur at this stage
  • The maintenance period is when your symptoms are under control with medication, and we may require frequent urine drug tests and request consulting with behavioral therapists to further progress the treatment
  • The withdrawal phase is when our physicians will gradually decrease your dose and control your symptoms until you are entirely independent of taking Suboxone.

Please make your initial appointment in advance to prepare your induction dose at the clinic. Your first visit at Up Clinics may take Up to 2 hours.

Confidentiality and Your Privacy

At Up Clinics, our physicians work to protect your privacy by following strict federal guidelines indicating that your treatment records from unintended access. Under these laws, you as the patient have full disclosure to your treatments, while others who usually have access to your medical records will not receive access or mention these treatments. As professionals, it is required by law to protect your privacy. During your treatments at our facility, you will receive complete protection of medical records regarding your treatment for addiction and get the help you need without unwanted disclosure.